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I believe in women supporting other women to succeed. Hence, I recently restarted my monthly feature blog covering Women in Business. All about shining the spotlight on amazing women making a difference. And being the change they seek. Not perfect women. But True "Alchemists" turning their "metal into gold". And turning what happened to them into what they wanted. Find out more about #TheWomanAlchemist here. The first feature was Elaine Welteroth and her book “More Than Enough”. I am incredibly passionate about helping other women to break through barriers limiting their personal and professional fulfilment. Starting from their own beliefs’ system.


And so Marie Forleo and her book " Everything is Figureatable" is this month feature.


Marie is an American entrepreneur and best-selling author, a true trailblazer :
  • I started a business at 23
  • Grew it into a global empire
  • Award-winning show - MarieTV - with over 49 million YouTube views
  • Host of The Marie Forleo Podcast, with more than 9 million downloads.
Everything Is Figureatable Marie Forleo #TheWomanAlchemist
Still Everything Is Figureoutable is not just a book. It's a philosophy that will help you face setbacks and challenges—every time. And her simple, no-nonsense writing style is super refreshing. Plus, Marie's story is inspiring. "Everything is figureoutable" gets you thinking. Marie uses this mantra on her podcasts, on, and in her online classes. And in this book, she outlines precisely how you can make it work for you. So, between Marie's own stories, exercises and her followers' tales of triumph, you too can learn how you could figure it out and make it work. If I were you, I'd listen to the audiobook version. Marie reads it herself, and her enthusiasm most definitely comes across.

"You wouldn't have the dream

if you didn't already have what it takes to make it happen" - Marie Forleo

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