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Hi everyone and welcome back! Today we are going to be talking about self-reflection. Are you ready to #SmashYourCeiling and unleash your true potential? Reflection is a brilliant way for us to see where we have progressed and the areas that still need work. Self-image, for instance, can differ vastly once we integrate the previous lessons into our daily lives. So, how do you create a new self-image? Well, I discussed exactly that here over two months ago. See why self-reflection is important? It is a reminder that sometimes, along our journey, we tend to forget some parts of the whole course. And that is okay – working on a reflection of oneself is constant and requires daily reminders. Remember that journal we mentioned here? Make that journal your best friend. Use the journal for inspiration, for value, for self-acceptance and at the same time, cultivate your new self-image. Self-image is not what you see in the mirror – it is about how you see yourself. You must define and craft your self-image in the way you WANT IT TO BE! It is dependent on you, your desire, your outlook.
Everything in your world is a reflection of your mental attitude toward yourself, so use that as a guideline. So, how do you feel about you?
If you had to put it all in a box, would you be happy with the contents?

Self-reflection isn’t a new lesson – it is refreshing what we should already know

We look at the world in much the same way as we look at ourselves. Our irritation at one man and his actions can easily translate to our frustration with men in general. This is the displacement of emotion, and it is NORMAL. It happens, and we need no justification for our feelings in general, what we do need though, is to better manage how our emotions affect us and the world around us. Displacement is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person redirects a negative emotion from its original source to a less threatening recipient. We all do it, some to a lesser degree than others. However, through learning to manage our self-image, self-acceptance, and self-worth, we lessen the effect that others may have on derailing our attitude and wellbeing. Having a positive self-image is more bountiful than it may seem on the surface, and in our next blog, we will relook at a few more self-image lessons as we continue the self-reflection path. Until next time x
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