It is a month that is full of goodness, from paying tribute to our fallen heroes on Remembrance Day, to World Kindness Day.

World Kindness Day - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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World Kindness Day

Hello everyone! Don’t you just love November? It is a month that is full of goodness, from paying tribute to our fallen heroes on Remembrance Day, to a day like tomorrow - World Kindness Day. Additionally, November is a month of writing as we have NaNoWriMo reminding us daily that we should put pen to paper – you never know, a best-selling novel could be the story deep within you. Kindness is an intrinsic part of humankind. It is found in the single glance of affection that you feel when you see that adorable puppy, or a cute kitten, and you just want to make the fluff ball more comfortable, and so you give it a treat, or refill their water bowl. Kindness is when we share a smile with a little child in passing, it is when we hold the door open for those who come after us, and most importantly, kindness can be found in how we treat ourselves. Yes, ladies, kindness is not just for strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, furballs – no, kindness is also for you. As I always say, change begins from within, and at the same time, kindness too, should start with you, and for you.

How to be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself does not mean that you should give yourself treats that you know are bad for you – instead, treat yourself in ways that will rejuvenate, refresh, and inspire you to feel good about yourself. Get that facial you know you want, visit that spa, get your nails or hair done. The most crucial point here is that the opposite of kindness is harshness, so don’t be harsh on yourself. Of course, we are all on our unique journey of smashing our ceilings, and my ceiling is very different from yours. Likewise, the ceilings of your friends, acquaintances and family members are just as different. Being harsh, in this sense, is comparing yourself, your struggles, and your battles with those around you – we cannot know their stories as we know our own. To be kind to yourself is to look within at your own journey and make choices that are relevant to you. Comparison is only beneficial to a slight degree – the rest, however, is a personal quest. Being kind begins with understanding who you are, accepting yourself entirely, and then looking at where you wish to go – and when guided by your self-acceptance and awareness, that road will be clearer to you. Kindness, like all of life’s great lessons, begins with self-reflection, self-appreciation, and self-acceptance. So, as you set out on your day tomorrow, and you make that concerted effort to be kind to those around you, ask yourself one question: How am I being kind to myself today? The answer may surprise you. Until next time x
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