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Hello again. On Monday, we talked about having a sunshine state of mind and looking at things from a brighter perspective, even in the barmy autumn weather. Today I'd like to take this concept further and say we should think about death sometimes.


What??? Yes, you heard me right. I mean, acknowledge your mortality to increase your positive outlook. Why? By being more aware of our mortality, we can create a shift in perspective, helping us to appreciate people and the life around us more. Most importantly, it should help taking life in general for granted and putting your dreams on hold. Live a more meaningful life and squeeze the heck out of every minute on this earth. Savour every moment and not just observe it through the lens of your phone, taking pictures for Instagram, but really savour the moment. Be grateful that you are alive and be a participant, not an observer. Life can be fragile, do not spend a minute living with regrets. Wake up every day and go for it; live to the fullest with excitement. See you soon x Disclaimer: This blog is by no means talking about or making fun of people who feel suicidal. If you feel suicidal, HELP is available 24/7. Please call the Samaritans on 116 123 or Text SHOUT to 85258 (UK). In the USA, you can call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. #BeYourBestSelf #Followme on Twitter and Instagram or buy my books
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