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Who You Spend Time Is Who You Become: The Power Of Associations - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Hello there, so happy you are here. Today we are covering the 4th and last hack for immersion: the power of associations.


So far you have:
  • written a compelling new story
  • started telling your story – every day - out loud with emotion and
  • acting it out, together with
  • seeing your story both using visualisation and a vision board,
  • and seeing how other people have achieved the same results you want (role models)
  • started your immersion in your new Self-image
But now we are taking it to the next level. We are talking about starting to frequent circles where the people that have or do what you want for yourself go.

"Who you spend time is who you become.

Change your life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with people with higher standards" - Tony Robbins

You see, if you want to play at a higher level in life, you need to be playing with the top performers. And elevate your game. It is the same as being an athlete and playing sport/s: if you want to win the big trophies, you have to play with a better team. Or a better coach. Simple as that. I can see you getting twitchy here ... I'm not saying to ditch your family (you can't) or your friends. I'm saying add new people to your circle. People that are going to push you to higher standards. The power of associations is real and undeniable: a very useful tool for you to use in your quest towards your new Self-image. This brings to an end the topic, I hope you found it useful. I can't believe it is the end of July already. Next month: resilience. Have a lovely weekend and I see you Monday x


"Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz. Psycho-Cybernetics is a terminology originally coined by Dr Maxwell Maltz in the 1960s, further explained in this bestselling book. Here, Maltz explains that our self-image controls our ability or inability to achieve any goal. In this book, you can find techniques for improving and managing self-image visualization, mental rehearsal and relaxation - a prescription for thinking and actions leading to quantifiable results—one of my 4 books of the month. Available on Amazon. Change starts from within; that’s why training your consciousness should be your Priority Numero 1 – a daily practice to silence your inner critic.
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