The benefit of habit

The Benefit of Habit Versus Motivation - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Hello there, and welcome back. Yesterday we talked in more depth about the concept of Motivation. Motivation gives us unusual powers of Focus and productivity. But it is finite. Change is hard most of the time and that excitement wears off far faster than you can create any actual plan for executing that excitement. And that's when self-discipline and the benefit of habit come in. Humans are highly automated in their daily lives. Good habits = good life. So if we understand how and why we establish and practice habits each day, we can work out how to implement habits that serve us. Generally, when we start doing something completely new, we need to focus a lot because it's unusual to us, and we are learning. But as we do it over and over again, we become less and less conscious about it and eventually, it becomes second nature. When our primary concern was survival, this was very useful because, of course, we needed to be very aware of our surroundings and prepared for a potential attack. The physical side of habit formation is very interesting. According to some scientists, the brain cuts off all the extra "fluff" and automates repetitive activities, so it no longer needs to consume unnecessary energy and spare much conscious thought for the task. But to arrive at this point takes diligence and practice. My point is, why not harness our brainpower to change those things we're motivated to? Motivation will fire you up to start with, and Self-Discipline will keep you going. Habit change isn't hard. But it is time-dependent. Let's get going then ... Au revoir x
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