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Take A Break From Your Phone, Believe It Or Not, You Can Live Without It - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Hello again, and welcome back. I hope you have been doing some practice in stopping the negative running commentary in your head. Non? Then, go back and re-read yesterday's post; repetition and discipline are key. Period. But as we are talking about stopping bad habits, another one, and a pet peeve of mine, is people constantly looking at their phones. And I mean constantly.


Yes, we are lucky now that we are connected to the rest of the world at the touch of a button. And we can WhatsApp, text, and email people anytime from anywhere. But there is a limit. There is no need to be constantly immediately available. You ( and I) do not need to answer every text or every email immediately. You do not need to interrupt whatever you are doing to check your phone every time there is a notification. Better still, make your notification silent. Or just vibrate rather than audible. You might say: "It's work; I need to answer". Well, firstly, if you need to immediately answer every communication from the office/work, then you need to work on any trust issue/relationship (both ways) you have with your boss. Especially if you are working remotely/hybrid/working from home online, it shouldn't equate to 24/7 immediate availability. It is about results.


Secondly, live your life fully. Be fully engaged in whatever you are doing. Whatever task and/or interaction you are having, be fully present in the moment. This moment. Finally, it is also rude to check the phone when you are in other people's company ( or in a meeting for that matter). So take a break from you phone, you'll thank me later. See you tomorrow x #BeYourBestSelf #LiveYourLifeFully #Followme on Twitter and Instagram
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