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Hello there, and welcome back. Yesterday we talked about good habits = good life. But when we start doing something completely new, we need to focus a lot because it's unusual to us, and we are learning. It requires effort and often we can self-sabotage. When you are trying to achieve a new goal or want to change something in your life — however big or small — Motivation can help you decide what action you're going to adopt daily to change what you want.


Step by step, and it doesn't matter how small, even if it is so tiny that it seems ridiculous. Moreover, each time we change even one little thing we do, we improve our brain neuroplasticity and develop new neuropathways. Nice, non? I use myself as an example. My goal was to start doing some kind of exercise routine, so I started by looking for easy routines to do on YouTube. That's the habit of "researching an easy routine." I did that consistently for a few days. After a few days, I settled into a 5 minutes bed yoga video to do in the mornings (actually less than 5 minutes as there's an intro). Before long, I was doing it Monday to Friday. By setting the bar extremely low, I ensured I didn't have much risk of failure. I wasn't prescriptive either about doing the exercise in the mornings. So if I forgot or couldn't be bothered, I switched it to the evening. You don't have to set any records to establish a habit or to feel like you have "succeeded." After a while, you'll automatically want to do better. So it becomes like an internal checkpoint. Once we've achieved that small habit change, we want to add to it. After a few weeks of morning bed yoga, I started adding evening bed yoga (I know, shocking, especially for a self-professed non-exerciser). And from there, it can grow ...

Form habits. Create discipline. Step by step, brick by brick, et voila, you have a wall. See you tomorrow x
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