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Hello again, and thanks for being here today. Yesterday I had a rant about women's rights and my feeling about the Supreme Court decision about abortion rights. I am sad and disappointed about the situation. This is not just about being pro-choice or pro-life. It is about the basic and fundamental human right to make decisions for your own life. Men can make any and all choices they want about their body and nobody ever questions. Women must be able to do the same. Period. A Woman's body is HER choice and her choice alone. Not her mother, father, husband, companion, legislator or court. HER CHOICE.


On this subject, today I want to talk about dress code and being sexy. With the summer in full swing now and the temperature rising, we are wearing fewer and fewer clothes. Fewer cover-ups and more skin on show. And this can be more attractive to the other sex. A quick and pointed message here: wearing more revealing clothing, and showing off a bit more of the curves or cleavage does NOT mean that the woman in question is easy and/or "up for it". It means N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Whatever a woman wears might be for practical reasons, might be to feel good about herself or whatever. The reason does not matter. It is not a "come-on". Please understand this is not an attack on men. The majority of men are wonderful. But as always, there are some idiots around. There is an Italian proverb that goes "La madre dei cretini è sempre incinta", literally translated to "the mother of idiots is always pregnant" or the equivalent "there is one born every minute". However, ladies, the same applies to us e.g. if a man pays a compliment, opens a door or smiles at you, it does not necessarily mean is coming onto you or trying to harass you. He probably just has good manners and he is chivalrous. It goes both ways. No assumptions. Respect boundaries. See you tomorrow x #BeYourBestSelf #MyBodyMyChoice #SexyDoesNotMeanEasy
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