Change begins, and follows through, with the choices that you make. And more importantly, sticking to those choices once you make them!

Resilience: Change Starts with Choice - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Change Starts with Choice

Hello everyone, and welcome back. If I said it once, I have said it a thousand times – change starts from within! It begins, and follows through, with the choices that you make. So in actual fact, change starts with a choice. And more importantly, sticking to those choices once you make them! Whatever happens on the inside, I can guarantee will show up on the outside. For instance, if you are feeling depressed, demotivated, exhausted – and yes, ladies, inner exhaustion is very real (I will speak more on this next time) – then that feeling will show up on the outside. You could have had a full night’s sleep, and still be tired in the morning. This is to do with your purpose, your goal, the thing that drives you. But before you can even look at your purpose or goal, it is necessary to first look at where you are and where you want to be. Adam Sicinski from IQ Matrix mentions how important it is to develop resilient willpower here, along with its advantages. You must be real with yourself and understand that to get to where you see yourself, you must make the choice to change. The choices are dependent on you, as you may wish to be a successful career woman, or a famous personality, or a stay-at-home mother. The choice to be any or all these things is up to you. If you want to be a famous person, you need to know what you want to be famous for – and then if it is realistic for you, followed by what choices you must make to make this a reality. The same goes for being a career woman, stay-at-home mother, astronaut, etc. Beyond your choice comes your follow-through on your decisions. If you choose your path, you must stick to it, and that is where self-discipline is needed.

What is the role of discipline in choice?

Discipline is understanding and acknowledging that your choices have consequences. It isn’t about deprivation, or denying yourself – but in essence, self-discipline is an act of self-love. By loving yourself enough to know what you want out of life and making the immediate sacrifices you may need to achieve that want, is in a nutshell, discipline in choice. And, as mentioned many times before - repetition is the mother of skill. We face these choices daily, in the form of whether to send that email that will have a ripple effect on your career, to eat that chocolate when you are so close to your fitness goal, or to leave your current job for a new purpose. To be resilient, you must be headstrong in your choices, and that simply means that you must have the discipline to follow through. Remember that the biggest obstacle we most often must overcome is ourselves. So, Stop it! It is all in your head! Until next time x
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