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Hello there, and Happy Friday. This week I have been reflecting on my feelings about the momentous time in the history of the United Kingdom with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and sharing with you my immediate thoughts. I promise this is the last post reflecting on Her Majesty The Queen and related events.


My last post on this subject is really an appreciation post expressing how, now more than ever, proud I am to be British. Even though the death of a monarch is an event that is planned for years with details steeped in history and tradition, nevertheless everything was totally coordinated and executed to perfection. It was the biggest state event, with the full pomp and ceremony that only the British can do so well. The sight of the military performing their duty whilst saying goodbye to 'their boss' was majestic and poignant. But most of all, I am so proud of how people behaved. People from all works of life come together in grief and appreciation for Her Majesty's faultless service and show support to the new King. It had to be seen to be believed. My heart is full right now. See you Monday x PS: I am not ignoring or denying events in our past that were not so glorious. Every country in the world has because countries are made of and governed by humans, and humans are fallible. The important thing is that we learn, and then move on, ensuring we apply the past lessons. #BeYourBestSelf #ProudToBeBritish #LongLiveTheKing #Followme on Twitter and Instagram
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