It’s not that passion is rare, but instead that we don’t engage in self-discovery enough to learn what it is that makes our hearts beat to the drum of life.

Passion - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Hello everyone. And welcome back! In our last blog, we mentioned passion for life, so let’s unpack that further today. Passion is such a lovely, whole word. It brings a smile to my face every time I read the word. It can transform your life and give you that invigorated sense of purpose. It is a motivator and refresher, and most of all, it differs for everyone. As you know, I am passionate about many things, from helping women smash their ceilings to writing, and if there’s anything that I can say about passion, then know that it is a phenomenal driving force for progress. When you’re passionate about something, you tend to jump right in. You don’t procrastinate as much, nor do you waste time on other endeavours. You are driven by your desire and stoked by your happiness – and isn’t that the type of life we all want to live? A life of passion is one of joy, purpose, and flavour. It is a gift in your present and the foundation for your future – but, unfortunately, that life tends to evade many. However, there are ways to nurture your passion and imbue it directly into your current life. Interested? Please, do read on!

How to nurture your passion

Your passion comes from your place of happiness. It’s not that passion is rare, but instead that we don’t engage in self-discovery enough to learn what it is that makes our hearts beat to the drum of life. In taking the time to understand yourself, you will learn what ignites your joy. It could be reading, writing, or even acting. It could be adventures in a far-flung jungle or shopping in a new store. It could be crafting delicacies, baking beautiful cakes, cooking up a storm – the list is endless. So, begin by sorting through your happiest memories and think about what you were doing in those times. You’ll be one step closer to knowing the source of your passion. Next, dig into that passion and, in any way at all, bring it into your reality. If it’s writing, then write as much as you can. If it’s baking, then bake wholeheartedly. Stop waiting for the perfect day, the ideal moment, the optimal reason to live your passion, and do it with the entirety of your being right now. Be present in your every moment and make your life worth living. Covid showed us all that you can’t postpone living your life and going for your dreams, so start now! As I often say, change starts within, and the same holds here, so think about your passion and bring it into your life today! Until next time x
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