However, stress can get out of hand. I mentioned this briefly in our post last month about mental health, and if ignored, can be problematic.

National Stress Awareness Day - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

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Hi everyone, and welcome back. As you know, today is National Stress Awareness Day, and it is crucial for us to know when we are under stressful situations, or when it is affecting us in an unhealthy way. It is important to note that we all experience it at various times throughout our lives and that it is normal, natural, and to be expected. However, stress can get out of hand. I mentioned this briefly in our post last month about mental health, and if ignored, it can become quite problematic. We must pay attention to our triggers, and they impact our lives as a whole. Knowing what causes you to be stressed is the first step towards managing it, so how do we manage stress? Let us jump right in.

Managing your own stress

Begin by finding your triggers. You see, it manifests differently for everyone. For instance, some people might thrive when it comes to quick deadlines. However, for others, a fast-approaching deadline can cause actual aches, pains, and even shut down the ability to function normally. Understanding that this is a trigger for you will mean better planning – in this case, planning long in advance for various tasks and responsibilities. Sit with your thoughts and pull out that book I constantly mention – journal. Write it down, from your head to the page – especially when you can feel your stress levels building. When you’re in a better space, read through your thoughts and your feelings, and I promise you, a pattern will begin to emerge. More often than not, our stress levels tend to make a situation seem more dire, more desperate than it actually is – but by taking a moment to manage your feelings and your thoughts, you will learn to better manage your stress as well. As stress manifests differently for everyone, finding ways to adequately deal with your own stress is as different for you as it will be for anyone else. So, take a moment to acquaint yourself with what calms you down, what makes you happy, and most certainly, what brings you peace. Your answer to stress management can be found there. For more tips to combat stress, you can read more here See you soon x
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