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Do We Really Need Monday Motivation Or Just Determination And Self-Discipline? - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

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Hello there, and Happy Monday! Motivation Monday is a very popular and used hashtag. I must admit I have used it a few times myself. Even better, I have even written a few #MotivationMonday blogs. But really, do we need Monday Motivation (or any other day for that matter)? Or just determination and self-discipline? Let's look at a quick google definition for each:
  • Discipline: (v/n) To train by schooling and practice; drill.
  • Motivation: (n) The general desire or readiness of someone to do something.
As you can see, Motivation is a noun, whilst discipline is both verb and a noun. So, what does it mean? Discipline is something you do and, most importantly, choose to do. And Motivation is something you cannot choose to do or control. You are never "motivated" to have more discipline, not really. Firstly, Discipline is ineffective if it's not tied to the actions you want to exercise discipline with. "Disciplined" is not even a general personality trait because even the person with a strict routine has something they do not include in their daily behaviours. Secondly, it doesn't matter how generally disciplined I am, for example, in my writing habits, if I want to start practising singing daily. Finally, every new habit needs to be viewed as such. So when you want to change something in your life, Motivation will inspire you, for sure, but you'll need to focus on building disciplined actions around that new thing. And be very specific in what "discipline" will look like for your goal. See you tomorrow x
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