Some Monday Morning Pep Talk - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: #SmashYourCeiling, change starts from within - Business & Lifestyle Experimentation for #TheWomanAlchemist - Monday Morning Pep Talk

Hello again, and Happy Monday! Did you practice some love for your life at the weekend? Non? Why not? you can't wait until everything is perfect. The reality is, that it never will be. Perfection is an illusion. Do something you like/love every day. Practice your bliss too. Learn to live and love fully. This concept alone will fill and permeate every aspect of your life. On the same line, have you neem revisiting your dreams? E.g. what do you want out of life? Non? Oh common, do you want to reach ninety and then look back at your life and have lots of regrets? Of course not, So start now. Here's some Monday morning pep talk then. Always remember that your imagination is the preview to life's coming attraction. If you can dream, it is possible for you to have it. Period. If you can dream and see it in your imagination, you can have it. It is the Universe, your Higher Self showing you what you can achieve, do, be or have. Don't dumb it down because you think it is too big. It was meant for you. Don't dim your light. Shine it in all its glory. Live and love your life with passion and dare to dream. I'll see you tomorrow x #BeYourBestSelf #SelfTalk #Followme on Twitter and Instagram
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