lesson 43 to a miraculous life

"It Didn't Really Come Up That Much, The Need To Yodel" Said Elizabeth Berg - Day 43/Lesson 43 To A Miraculous Life, The Course In Miracles Experiment

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ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: Business & Lifestyle Experimentation for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #lifeexperiment 365 days to a miraculous life - Day 43/Lesson 43

Lesson 43 To A Miraculous Life: God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him. The Course In Miracles is a challenging read, in that it requires for us to give up our preconceptions, go back to a clean state ( where we were always meant to be) and start again. Some lessons are heavy (well the book itself is heavy) and sometimes difficult to understand. I have picked it up many times and never managed to finish it, hence why I'm now following Pam Grout in her experiment because she makes it fun and easy.

The Course in Miracles

And today she says: "I don't have to understand it (The Course In Miracles). I don't even have to like what it says. I just have to push the button". And she gives advice on what she does when she struggles with the lessons. "First I flip through the text and find one of the lines I've underlined, one that I DO like. Secondly, I replace the word GOD (for example). Next, I turn the day over to 'IT'". And that's all point of the Course: ultimately it's not up to us. We just have to push the button, get into the frequency, et voila'..... A Course in Miracles Experiment is a book by Pam Grout. It is 'A Course In Miracles 2.0'. But a fun, upbeat and modern version! A real-world rewrite of the lessons of A Course in Miracles by the #1 New York Times best-selling author of E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and Art & Soul Reloaded, to name just a few. If you have read my blog before, you should know by now I am a HUGE Grout fan. I have tested all the exercises in the various books and blogged about them. The book is available on Amazon. #youcreateyourownreality #lifestyledesign #lifestyleedit #followme #like #share. Business & Lifestyle Experimentation Blog for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #lifeexperiment #acim
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