The description of Gabrielle begins with the words: One day, just like that, everything changed. Make today your day of change. 

Gabrielle - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

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Your one day should be today

The description of Gabrielle begins with the words: One day, just like that, everything changed. Make today your day of change. Hello everyone, and welcome back! As you may have recently read here about every day being a fresh start, I’d like to speak about something even more potent for you to live your best life. And no, it’s not living in the moment, nor is it about appreciating life’s various gifts. It’s something more, and that is the intent behind your change. You see, without the intention behind an action, nothing will come from it. So you need a cause, a purpose, and as said in this post here a ‘why’ to propel you forward. So what is your ‘why’?


You may have difficulty in finding the reason for your change. And that is entirely understandable. You may be stuck in a system of belief that you are, indeed, happy when the reality is far from it. Using Gabrielle as my muse, my novel is about a woman’s change and how it happens. For instance, through reading her story, you’ll see how her life changes (yes, even her relationships with men) to align with her new self-image. Because, believe it or not, once you’re internally ready to change, no force in the world can stop a woman from stepping into her power. To live your best life, you must understand the motivations behind your actions, and if you’re struggling there, then read my latest book and take from it what you can. Be warned, Gabrielle is fiction, and as much as you may relate to her and her situation, please note that this is just a story. Your life is capable of much more than I’ve penned on those pages. You can still purchase Gabrielle directly from Moi by clicking here. Remember to live your best life, and more importantly, remember why. Until next time x
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