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Hello again, and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you take on the "Be A Compliment Bomb" challenge? How did it go? For anyone just reading my blog for the first time, the compliment bomb challenge was going out and complimenting others for any quality they have. Better still, praising other women. Too many times, women are the harshest critics of other women. This has to stop. Now. We need to cheer each other up. Recognise our strengths, qualities and beauty. BE each other cheerleaders. Making other women feel good about themselves.


The challenge was the culmination of some intense work toward becoming fully embodied women:
  • Connecting with the Power within and increasing self-love, feeling incredible about yourself, and becoming an irresistible magnet to life's best.
  • Understanding what does being magnetic mean to you
  • Understanding that the secret to magnetism is within.
  • Whatever you want to be, you can. People reflect back on what you think about yourself.
  • It is challenging to be magnetic if you don't genuinely love and appreciate your body. Acceptance of what is changes us. Because acceptance is (unconditional) love.
  • As within, so without. Compliment yourself and treat yourself as you want to be treated.
  • Compliment yourself some more. And some mirror work. It takes practice before it becomes second nature.
  • No more good girl: practice some shameless self-promotion. Well-behaved women seldom make history.


March is the month dedicated to reflecting on the contribution of women to history, culture and society. As I said before, I am supportive of recognising women's contribution to society. Still, I firmly believe we need to stop with these monthly "tributes" and the endless hashtags. To clarify my stance, I have used and will use a comment again from Morgan Freeman in an interview about Black History Month. He said, "It is ridiculous. Are you going to limit my contribution to history to a month? Black History is American History". And, when the interviewer asked, "How are we going to eliminate racism?" he replied," Stop talking about it! We are making it more significant". I feel the same about Women History Month and International Women's Day now. Women's History is history, whichever country. And although men and women are equal in front of the law and have the same right to equal opportunities and pay, we are different. And we should embrace and celebrate these differences. We can achieve everything we want without giving up our feminine self. What is your experience? Did you have to sacrifice your femininity to climb the career ladder? What are your views? Let's chat...
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