E-Cubed by Pam Grout, Experiment 2: The Red Pill Corollary or boogie-woogieing into a Cosmic Ordering Service - no credit card needed - talking about improving your spending power or what?

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ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: Life as Experimentation, a Cosmic Ordering Service and Writing As Pay Back

I have started Boogie-Wooging into E-Cubed last week with the first experiment re-programming my mind for happiness with happy songs and morning dances. I must admit I have my morning routine of meditation and journalling already and I was trying to work out how to fit it in. After trying for a week I realised I have missed the point. The focus is to start the morning happy rather trying really hard. I need to chill and swallow a red pill...

Experiment 2. The Red Pill Corollary

Life emanates from you. Once you really find out the power of your thoughts, after you have swallowed the red pill, you can never really go back. You can choose not to use your energy power (why? oh why????) but you can never forget it. Like Neo in the Matrix in this experiment, we get the chance to take the red pill again with a follow up to the Volkswagen Jetta Principle ( from E-Squared)and draw specific things into awareness and keeping that manifesting muscle in shape and actively look for specific things. I like the example Grout gives of placing a cosmic order like in the book Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr which apparently Noel Edmonds used to revive his career ( Deal or No Deal?). In this instance, though the cosmic order is:
  • a belly laugh
  • a toy from childhood
  • a song from high school
  • the number 222
  • a beach ball
  • a senior citizen in a fashionable hat
  • a smile from a baby
  • a billboard message just for me ( and you too)
This is like a scavenger hunt with 72 hours to do it. Game on...
And on the affirmation front is now: Write for Your Life Day 8  - My Writing Talent Is A Gift From God; The Writing I Do Is My Gift To The UniverseWe all have a talent, whatever that is, which is a gift and we need to use it and give back. Life is a game of giving and takes, you sow and you reap, like attracts like in a never-ending cycle.Isn't that nice how everything seems to fit together.... ;-)The Affirmation is from Write for Your Life - The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block
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