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Creating Conscious Relationships Based On LOVE Is The New Paradigm - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

Laura Mariani

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Hello again, and welcome back in this journey to becoming fully embodied women - one could also call it a re-discovery. We have talked so far about celebrating what makes women different from men and being a fully embodied woman, the Sacred Feminine and Awakening to our Truest selves as women. As this awakened sense of Self as Love starts to settle in and live through us, our Soul and Body meet, bringing this awareness of Love back into life and everything we do. As women awaken, the Feminine Essence within us naturally wants to embody ALL. We get to feel and experience ALL of life, moving through us, with a different level of Self-Love and acceptance. There is the True Freedom to be, know, love precisely as you are. As we become physical, living embodiments of different flavours of the Feminine Essence/Energy, we consciously create our realities from the inside out. As within, so without. The outside becomes a mirror for what is happening within—a reflection. And we can CHOOSE what energies we want to embody and create our realities from the inside out. This includes creating conscious relationships.


Conscious relationships are the new paradigm of relationships. This paradigm is grounded in recognising that a relationship is an opportunity for us to live as our most authentic selves, Love, all the time. The old paradigm of romantic relationships for example is based primarily on fear. In it, we believe that it's a partner's job to complete us, to make us feel whole. But, indeed, if we don't feel whole within, we cannot manifest "wholeness" in our relationships. When we relate to others through the belief that "a partner will complete me that a partner is an answer," we end up feeling deeply unsatisfied. We need to be satisfied within ourselves before we seek it externally. To create conscious relationships - the type of Love we're all yearning for - means to know oneself first (and the other) as Love. When we loosen and dissolve our own inner experience of fear, we're able to meet and connect with others in a clean, clear, deep, fearless space. Not to complete each other but to complement. The path of creating a Conscious Relationship is not always easy because it means we have to confront all the aspects of ourselves. However, nothing brings these fearful aspects to the surface faster and more potently than an intimate relationship. I hope I'm not confusing you all. In this month dedicated to women, I'm just re-discovering everything that makes being a woman so incredibly super amazingly special. See you tomorrow x
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