Celebration is an intrinsic part of being human. We love acknowledging growth and progress, with some cultures turning moments into holidays.

Celebration - Be Your Best Self - A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic

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Hello everyone and welcome back. As mentioned in our previous blog, December is a time for friends, family, and celebration. While we peeked into the family and friends dynamic, we haven’t discussed the idea of celebration just yet – and that is what I want to speak about today. What is a celebration and why is it important? Any thoughts? If the first thing that came to mind were champagne bottles, balloons, and parties, you’re not entirely wrong. But at the same time, not completely right either. Celebration is an idea, an intention, and it most certainly is an acknowledgment. When we celebrate something, we acknowledge that a situation, a person, or a moment is worthy of being noticed and appreciated. It can be a birthday – acknowledging that someone reached a milestone. It can be a promotion – and that action of raising a glass in good spirit. And it can even be personal growth – in something as simple as getting a new haircut to mark a change in your life. Celebration is an intrinsic part of being human. We love acknowledging growth and progress, with some cultures turning moments into holidays and putting the festive into the festive season. And of all the celebrations that we engage in yearly, very few are as great as Christmas and the new year. As you prepare to celebrate this month, I have a request. Please remember to celebrate you.

Remembering to celebrate you

Being caught up in the festive spirit, sharing praise and congratulations can seem like second nature. However, while we ‘celebrate’ our friends and family, we must remember to celebrate ourselves. Take a moment to look at you, to look at your past year, and to look at all that you’ve achieved and celebrate those moments. There will be a time to self-reflect and look deeper at the pros and cons of 2021, but for now, be glad that you made it through the pandemic, you’ve overcome the lockdowns, and you’re stronger because of it. Healthy Mind has a great article about healthy ways to celebrate success, that you can read here. Of all the years that truly deserve a celebratory festive season, this is the one. So put yourself first – I promise you, it isn’t selfish – and celebrate everything that you are and the journey that you are on to smash your ceiling! Here’s a prompt: What do you wish to celebrate about yourself? See you soon x
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