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ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: My Best Meal Islington - July

I'm always on the lookout for new places to eat, both as I love food and eating is one of my favourite thing to do (somebody like exercising, I like eating) and because I like to share my passion and help others having great experiences so I write about it in my Best Meal series. I have been walking past the Vineyard many times and noticed that it always appeared busy and full of people having a good time. The Islington Town Hall is just in front and you can often find the wedding groups for the after ceremony reception and/or party.

The Vineyard review

The outside looks like an olive garden, beautifully done and perfect with the nice weather (let's face it, in the UK, if it doesn't rain and is not too freezing, we still do drink outside). There's a good seating area with a lot of space both outside and inside, and the layout is very laid back/fun, good for both intimate or big gatherings. It has generally good vibes, plus it is not pricey. I have been twice, once for lunch and once on a Saturday evening and I was very pleased both times: the menu looked very unpretentious but appetising, the staff was very friendly and helpful with only 15 minutes from ordering to the table ( lunch). In the evening they played great tunes and the atmosphere was brilliant; it was a busy night but the bar was very quick to serve. Every month the Vine (as I friendly call it) hosts plenty of fun and lively events to ensure Islington keeps its reputation as a very vibrant and lively borough:
  • Speed Quiz (Sundays)
  • Open Mic at the Vineyard (Mondays)
  • Live Music (Thursdays)
  • DJ Night ( Fridays & Saturdays)
I did say before that I'm always honest in my reviews and I wouldn't recommend something if I didn't believe it. So, would I say that the Vineyard is My Best Meal Islington in the foodie sense? Non, not in this sense. The food is middle of the road but tasty and more suited to lunches, BBQs, platter sharing, etc compared to gourmet / gastro-pub/ restaurant type dinners; however the menu plus the location ( Upper Street within walking distance of Highbury & Islington Tube station), the stunning overall look and outside space, the quick friendly service and the fun evenings with the funky beats, this is definitely My Best Experience Islington for July. #lifestyle #lifestyleedit #like #share #follow
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