My Best Meal Islington: The Albion & Barnsbury

Laura Mariani

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his month my #feature blog #MyBestMealIslington is covering The Albion, a gastropub in the Barnsbury area. Barnsbury started its rise from the early 1960s when Islington began to regain its appeal to the middle classes: restored old properties with often retained original architectural features were filled by young professionals and the district became known for its ‘liberal intel­li­gentsia’ – including numerous writers and journalists, as well as Tony Blair before he became prime minister. As this is not your average area, The Albion is not your average back street pub either, even by leafy Islington's standards. It is arranged to appeal to the professional "posh" locals ( grand interiors) whilst maintaining a nonchalant I'm not trying vibe with prices to match, and it offers generally an excellent Sunday Roast with good service and a strong wine list. It has a front courtyard and a lovely and spacious beer garden for summer which makes it a perfect venue for somewhere to eat and drink al fresco. Well, as this week looked and felt more like the South of France with gorgeous sunshine, all the tables were taken when I went (Quelle surprise) and I had to wait for some people to vacate their table to sit ( I think my mother's puppy eyes and me looking menacing might have done the trick). Both the kitchen and waiting staff came under pressure to maintain calm and match the demand. The food is traditional British with a tweak and, from the service to the tasty wines at just the right temperatures to the perfectly cooked beef (the vegetable were a tad overcooked for me although my mother loved hers) and the truly scrumptious dessert (mom didn't lick the plate as it is not good manners apparently) everything was superb. The place was packed which didn't help when I was trying to write down notes ( and taking food-Instagram selfies was a definite no-no, how common daaaarling). I had been a few times for drinks before in the winter and my companion was able to try a few beers before choosing, which I think is really nice and helpful. If you don't mind that the prices are more restaurant than pub, including the wine list, then I would recommend The Albion for a relaxed, cosy ( but posh) atmosphere, with good food, drinks, and service, #MyBestMealIslington #BansburyChallenge. Islington is foodie heaven with more restaurants and eateries than you could try if you were to go out every day or night of the year and is definitely a place to visit just for the food alone. I challenge you to come and try The Alma Pub (Canonbury), La Ferme ( Exmouth Market ), Trullo (Highbury), and The Albion and see if you agree with my review/s. Try them, you will thank me for it. #youcreateyour
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