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ThePeopleAlchemist Lifestyle Edit: #MyBestMealIslington - Essex Road - Welcome to Salut

My quest to find nice places to eat and provide you, my lovely readers, with an inside guide to the most foodie London borough ever - Islington - continues (I know, I'm a tiny tad bias). So let me help you experience Islington like an Islingtonian and introduce you to Salut- a modern European restaurant situated in Essex Road, also #MyBestMealIslington September monthly feature. Salut was opened in 2016 by brothers Martin and Christoph Lange who grew up in Germany ( Christoph has worked at kitchens all over Europe including Norway’s Maaemo and Denmark’s Noma - now relocated to Copenhagen), with Martin’s girlfriend, making the most of local meat producers, sustainably sourced fish, and organic vegetables all mixed with incredible passion. ‘Salut’ is the French for ‘hi’, or otherwise ‘cheers!’ in other parts of Europe and the name fits perfectly this special little place. A great bonus here is the open kitchen which means you can see the magic as it happens. The food is wonderful and the prices are fairly aligned to some other Islington semi-posh establishments (someone might call them pricey ) with the portions on the small side but completely worth it.
The quality and presentation of the dishes are superb, the service great and the atmosphere intimate & friendly ( it has around 30 seatings). My Super Favourite dishes (Menu):
  • Pan-Fried Scallops, Pig’s Trotter & Green Apple Declination (starter)
  • 48 Hours Braised Pork Belly, Turnip, Cherry Kaffir Lime Leaf Sauce (main)
  • 100 % Chocolate, Served With Hot Sauce (dessert)
  • Selection of 5 Affined Cheeses, Condiments, and Dried Fruits Bread (dessert) - Brillat – Savarin, Sauvaget, Fior di pecure, Comte Vieux, Bleu Brebis Basque - what can I say, I LOVE Cheese!!!)
Salut is definitely #MyBestMealIslington - Essex Road- September and a #mustgoto: have you tried it? Non? What are you waiting for???! Try it and let me know what you think :-) OPENING HOURS Monday-Wednesday : 6pm - 11pm Thursday - Saturday: 12pm - 3 pm and 6pm - 11pm Sunday : 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm
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