Dealing With People At Work: The "I have been here for ages, can't really go anywhere else and I am not moving" Type

Laura Mariani


Sometimes people have been in an organisation for so long that they just can't go anywhere else. They are often unhappy with the company and want it to return to the way it was; they are stuck, perhaps because of their pension, or they waited too long in their job to move on, so they do not appeal to the external market. Welcome to the I am not moving type. Sometimes, even worse, they seem to have lots of technical and organisational knowledge that they hold the company to ransom. You might be apprehensive to do anything that risks losing that knowledge. These individuals can be incredibly valuable with great strengths, but they need help understanding that the world around them has changed, and they need to adapt. It is about reminding people that they have choices and can always do things to make them happier; in this situation, an honest, open and upfront conversation would help. Try to understand their point of view and what they are looking for at work. It is possible to have employees who are perfectly happy in their current position with no desire to move. The issue, though, is that they should never be the only ones holding THAT knowledge and ability to do THAT job. It is a risk to the company. So, besides having a conversation with the employee, ensure you are doing things to derisk the company and provide continuity of service and supply to your customers. Just in case the conversation doesn't go well ... Comment below, #like, #share, and connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. You can get my books here.
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