can your personality make you a star

Can Your Personality Make You A Star? Beauty Is Only Skin Deep After All ...

Laura Mariani

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Can your personality make you a star? It has long been perceived that beautiful people tend to be more successful in the labour market. But it isn't just their looks that land them the top jobs. Research shows that, rather than benefitting from a general bias towards beauty, attractive people are likely to be more effective communicators, which means there is a way for less attractive people to rebalance the playing field and get ahead in their careers. Good looking individuals develop distinctive traits over time due to how people, in general, respond to their attractiveness; they assemble a greater sense of authority and have more possibilities to improve non-verbal communication skills throughout their lives. And these interpersonal capabilities, rather than purely physical attributes, give them an advantage during a job search; for example, more effective non-verbal presence, such as a confident voice and body language. Can your personality also affect the way you perform at work? Again, according to research, there are different personality traits, and the relationship between personality traits and performance varies across job types; however, conscientiousness is the trait that most strongly predicts success and performance, no matter the job.


I have talked for some time in my Self-blog about Self-Image and that your world and everything in it reflects your mental attitude toward yourself – your Self-image. It is the ultimate internal regulator. Every time it looks like we are about to break free, it will bring us back to base like a thermostat. And, unless we review and update our image of ourselves, once we reach the "temperature" we are comfortable in, self-sabotage comes in. And there we start again. Have you heard the expression "Think outside the box?". Self-image is our portable box that affects our life, achievements (or failures), relationships, etc. So, how does this applies to today's topic and career? You can create and re-create your Self-image at any time and develop those personality traits ( as mentioned before) necessary to succeed. You can also start "feeling", believing yourself to be attractive. Act like you ARE attractive. Soon you'll see people will start responding to you accordingly. A great book on the subject is "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz. Psycho-Cybernetics Here, Maltz explains that our self-image controls our ability or inability to achieve any goal. In this book, you can find techniques for improving and managing self-image visualization, mental rehearsal and relaxation – a prescription for thinking and actions leading to quantifiable results. The book is available from Amazon and all other retailers.
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