When everything changes

When Everything Around You Changes, Change Is The Only Way Forward. Innovation Is The Key To Business Survival, Never More So Than Now

Laura Mariani

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When everything around you changes, change is the only way forward. Change and innovation are key to business survival and longevity, especially for SMEs/solopreneurs. Nevermore so than now. Small businesses that change direction/innovate and find new revenue streams are more likely to survive tough times. SMEs are in a unique position to be able to flex and pivot easier than big corporations. Yes, big organizations have big budgets that give them breathing space in times of trouble. However, it is also kind of like turning around the Titanic - not that quick and easy. Using the creative entrepreneurial genius to react, respond and re-plan whilst adjusting budgets and forecasts for the unknown market allows SMEs to pivot and quickly move when things are not going that great. This is especially true if they are "in love' with their customers (and listen to them) and not with their products. To summarise: innovation + flexibility + customer first = thriving in any (uncertain) time. And if there is one thing that 2020 and the Covid pandemic have demonstrated, the ability to operate digitally is a MUST. How innovative and flexible are you and your company? are you really "in love" with your customers?

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