Paying attention to people in mergers and acquisitions

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The global value of mergers and acquisitions deals in 2015 reached a record £3.3 trillion. 42% up on the previous year. And cross-border deals coming in at £ 1.1 trillion. We are in an environment of very low-interest rates. Companies are chasing opportunities that will offer returns better than zero. Some companies have been using international mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for tax avoidance/reduction.

Firstly, by re-establishing their headquarters in the overseas location of an acquisition. Secondly, by buying technology as an alternative to investing in risky research & development. An M&A strategy needs to consider the critical people who need to stay in the transaction. And what they need.


The most valuable asset in any company is its people. But, unfortunately, it isn't easy to find good people and expensive to hire and train them. But time pressure sometimes leads to the wrong decision about people with the pressure of making cost-saving quickly. To achieve successful mergers and acquisitions transactions, culture, management, leadership, and cross-border or multinational moves need to be considered. And for single company culture.


So, have you experienced a merger or an acquisition first-hand? How was it? Was it good? Bad? Or was it a neutral experience? What made it so in your view?

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