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One Year In 52 Books: My Four Books On The Go This Month - #AmReading November

Laura Mariani

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: books can be your best friends, keeping you company and helping you to dream, and your pocket mentors - every page a mini-lesson waiting to be absorbed - #amreading November

Hello there, and welcome back, my lovely readers and the reading community. It is time for me to share more book recommendations, again a mix and match of fiction and nonfiction, classics and modern. Christmas is coming ...


The average CEO reads 52 books per year – that's one book every week. My four books on the go this month – #amreading November – are:


Little Women by #TheWomanAlchemist for September Louisa Alcott is probably one of American literature's most widely-read novels. If you haven't already read it or seen the many adaptations on film, it is the story of the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and their passage from childhood to womanhood. It is a semi-autobiographical loose account of her life and her sisters. Set against the backdrop of the American civil war, it centres on the subject of overcoming one's character flaws. Through the various activities of the four sisters, there are lessons to be learned about the consequences of each of their flaws: vanity, temper, shyness and selfishness. . The book was an instant success since its original publication in 1868. A classic.


You that I am a big fan of Dr Dispenza, and You Are the Placebo is another gem. The so-called placebo effect is a real thing. Many excellent case studies in the book can help you to believe that 'the expectation of a particular outcome' alters your internal and external reality - solely through the action of your mind. Most importantly, this book teaches a deeper understanding to achieve personal transformation, like the placebo effect without needing external influences. So, is it possible to heal by thought alone? I think so. Thoughts create ...
I bought The One Thing by Gary Keller after a recommendation by Sunny Lenarduzzi on a YouTube video, talking about how much it had helped focusing on her business. And this is what the book is all about: FOCUS. Narrow focus and cut through the clutter, and achieve better results. WHAT'S YOUR ONE THING?


The Office of Historical Collections by Danielle Evans is a collection of short stories about race, grief, and belonging, zooming in on particular moments and relationships in her characters' lives in a way that allows them to see more significantly the larger issues of race, culture, and history. More importantly, the stories prompt us to reflect on the truths of American history – who gets to tell them, and what it costs to set the record straight. Universal confusion of lust and love, grief and how the past haunts somehow both a personal and collective level Compelling.
What about you? Which books are you reading this month? What will you be gifting? Christmas is coming
And here comes so shameless self-promo too: why don't you try my latest novel, Gabrielle? An excellent read, if I say so myself ( and so do the readers).
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