One Year In 52 Books: My Four Books On The Go This Month - #AmReading May

Laura Mariani

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: books can be your best friends, keeping you company and helping you to dream, and your pocket mentors - every page a mini-lesson waiting to be absorbed - #amreading May

Hello again, my lovely readers and reading community. I'm back again with some more books to share, a mix and match of fiction and non-fiction, classics and modern alike.


The average CEO reads 52 books per year - that's one book every week. My four books on the go this month - #amreading May - are:


The first book is Rebecca by Mary Daphne du Maurier, #TheWomanAlchemist for this month. Perhaps like many, I saw the movie before reading the book. The book can be possibly defined as a psychological thriller about a woman obsessed with her husband's first wife. However, it is a journey that spans love and marriage, death and memory, justice, deceit, and sexuality with poetic prose and with a touch of nostalgia in the narration. The movie was brilliant, and the book is better. Because aren't they always? ;-)


Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins is a book based on Tony's research and interviews with some of the most legendary investors at work today. Something that Tony does best. Summarising and explaining winning practices so they can be easily treated by everyone. So, this book shows a 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom by taking control of your financial decisions and setting up a savings and investing plan. Albeit more inclined toward the U.S.A. market, it is a book in your financial arsenal. Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim/Renee Mauborgne was a recommendation from Sunny Lenarduzzi in one of her YouTube videos. This book presents a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and outlines principles and tools anybody can use to create and capture their blue oceans. Perfect for creatives.


And finally, Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo, the 2019 Winner of the Booker Prize. I love this book and its central message ( at least for me): no matter how you identify or your orientation, we are all people who want to be loved, who have feelings, who suffer, who experience joy. I'm not going to spoil the end if you haven't read it. Modern DNA tests increasingly prove that race is a social construct. So yes, we are born male or female, but femininity and masculinity are defined by culture. The book shines in Evaristo’s discussion of feminism. It reveres it and feminists whilst acknowledging the negative cultural attitudes of feminists from the 1960s. This new feminist is unapologetic and willing to state who she is. LOVED IT! If you have read any of these books, I'd love to hear your thoughts and takeaways. Do share.
PS: My new book, 90 Days To Reboot Your Career, is now OUT! You can buy it directly from Amazon, major booksellers. And even better, the next instalment in Gabrielle's adventure is coming out on 17th May. How exciting!
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