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June is the time for a Half Year Review, Publishing Calendar and Summer Holidays - Behind The Scenes Updates From An Independent Creative

Laura Mariani

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Hello there, and welcome back to the June Behind the Scene blog.
I can't believe it is the end of June already! Summer is here, and so is the holiday season and summer reading.
The last six months have been hectic, and I have written non-stop.
While writing is important, life is much more than just writing! As a business owner/author, sometimes it is easy to forget that I deserve ( and need) a break. Most of the time, I tend to forget I am a human BEING, not just a human DOING. So whenever I have ideas, I immediately start working on them. This makes me a prolific writer with multiple books published for sure. But it also makes me a tired human who needs to have more fun.

Not Just a Human Doing

​The constant going, going, hustling is commonplace amongst small business owners/solopreneurs and the self-employed. We have come into this world to have experiences, not just to do things – no matter how worthwhile and essential they appear. Of course, achieving great things is fantastic, but what's more important is the human being we become as a result. Protecting ME and BE time at all costs is paramount because life will get in the way. Most importantly, savouring the BE time, enjoying it, and learning from it.

Half Year Review

I like to review my business and what I do regularly, not just once a year and adjust sail periodically. By doing so, I am more aligned to present needs and priorities and can correct when things are not going so well. In this case, I realised I have fallen for the typical self-employed-conundrum of going for every opportunity. Specifically, a new book, the latest idea, instead of planning my work for the year, sticking to it, and keeping ideas for the future.

Of course, there will be times when some book ideas are more relevant; therefore, I'd need to change but not, as I am doing now, add another writing project on top of the others I am already doing. So, keeping this in mind, I am currently working on my publishing and working calendar for the rest of the year and reassessing all my writing projects, prioritising the ones that have shown to be already successful with my reading.

I need to keep reminding myself that one of the reasons I started to work for myself was to take time off and travel. Therefore, I will include and plan time off for the rest of the year. In advance. Well-deserved breaks in between projects.

What about you? How is your year planning out?

Laura xxx PS: You can buy my books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and all major retailers and, of course, from my bookshop.
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