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Fear And Insecurity Be Gone! I've Got Brilliance To Create - ' Show Up, Show Up, Show Up And After A While The Muse Shows Up Too' Quoting Isabelle Allende . Is Blogging An Everyday Thing Then?

Laura Mariani

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: for the muse to show up, you need to show up first

Fear and Insecurity Be Gone: I've Got Brilliance To Create, and 'Art & Soul Reloaded' is just the companion/guide/teacher to help me with that. The book is a year-long apprenticeship for reclaiming the bold, wild creative side that is in all of us, a week by week discovery and practice to let go of preconceptions and have some fun; well, within the first few pages, I knew I was in the right place: "All my life, I've been a closet bohemian... I always longed to live big, be outrageous. As much as I like St. Francis of Assisi,... I like wild people better. People who live outside the bell curve. Either side... Yes, I want to suck the marrow out of life, be Zorba the Greek. But at the same time, I want people to like me. I woke up one day to discover that my bold Isadora Duncan self had given away to a rote, lonely life. Instead of running with wolves, I seemed to be crawling with the lemmings...(Art & Soul introduction)". Suppose you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter. In that case, you cannot have escaped my recent experimentation with The Law of Attraction and Pam Grout's book E-Squared (on E-Cubed now) and that I am a big fan of Grout (read my blog 'What did I learn from reading E-Squared and E-Cubed by Pam Grout?' if you want to know more). I love her writing style, and most importantly, I feel inspired to act. I bought Write for Your Life by Lawrence Block, which she used and recommended in E-Squared and followed religiously the 30 Days To A Powerful Self-Image affirmation process - LOVED IT! It was a journey connecting my capacity for self-expression and imagination/intuition. In the past few weeks, I've been reading and working with Art & Soul Reloaded, and I am now on week 6: this week project involves blogging (yes, blogging ).


Luckily I already do blog, but Grout talks about blogging DAILY (like Mike Hyatt says in Platform, another one of her book recommendations). She candidly talks about suffering from insecurity about blogging despite being already a very successful and widely published author. Putting yourself out there, DAILY, is hard :
  • what shall I blog about every day?
  • why would anyone read my blogs?
  • why would anyone follow me?
I dabbed into daily blogging twice already :
  • when writing my book in thirty days which I documented ( read the summary blog What is the best way to write a book in 30 days to know more);
  • when following the thirty-day affirmation process mentioned earlier (see below my journey).
The difference is that I was following a specific process/timeline, which made it easier somehow. I have, however, committed to this creative journey and, after 30 days of affirmations, I have committed to writing/being a writer, so I shall write and as Isabelle Allende said: 'Show up, show up, show up, and after a while, the muse shows up, too.' And off I go then, fear and insecurity be gone, see you tomorrow. #youcreateyourownreality #lifestyledesign #lifestyleedit #followme #like #share Business & Lifestyle Experimentation Blog for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #lifeexperiment
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