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Hello there, and welcome to another of my Behind the Scene blogs, this month covering what's up in my business, be new products and what's coming soon. Last month I mentioned how last year was one of my most creative years since founding my business. Firstly I rebranded and republished the "STOP IT" book with new metadata. Secondly, I relaunched my new website (feedback welcome). Then I also wrote and published three non-fiction working books for women in business, the "Think, Look & Act The Part" series, the sequel to STOP IT".


I started my own publishing company ThePeopleAlchemist Press as an imprint of my company. ThePeopleAlchemist Press publishes self-help, inspirational and transformational books, resources and products to help #TheWomanAlchemist in you to change your life/career and transmute any circumstance into gold, a bit like magic to Unlock Ignite Transform. My main goal is to adopt a long term perspective and focus on creating assets, practices and systems to grow. And establish a fully digitalized, location independent business. So I'm doubling down and focusing on digital and letting go of things that require that time for money exchange as much as possible. And simplifying and creating content that can be useful to my community, to you. So please do let me know in the comments what would you help you, both as a career woman or entrepreneur.


I'm currently developing online courses, packaging my knowledge and expertise, a.k.a. what I normally do with big businesses, in easy to use/apply concepts and processes to benefit small business owners/female entrepreneurs. Because after all, you, as a business owner, need to focus on revenue, profitability and customers rather than complicated theories. And the materials can be used as "just in time" learning, as and when you need it. Whenever. Wherever. No complicated implementation time. Additionally, I am now writing another book. I will come out soon and ask you to help me a bit with that. Not with the writing, obviously, but in choosing a title and cover for the new book. I hope you are up to the challenge ;-) . I'm counting on you. I'm really excited about these developments, and I can't wait to share more soon. Have a great day, and speak soon x
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