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Affirmation of the day From Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block: I Always Love All My Characters - I Am A Love Bomb And I Know It (Sounds Like Sex Bomb With Sir Tom Jones But Is Love, Love...)

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ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image - appreciate people as individuals, and your love will show

Write for Your Life Day 23  - I Always Love All My Characters is the affirmation for the day. Curiosity and the love of people breathe life into the work of a writer. In the same way, observing and appreciating people's idiosyncrasies, individualities can bring out the most amazingly distinctive and memorable characters when writing. But to love and appreciate others, you need to start with yourself. Loving yourself first, and then others around you, makes it natural to love your creations too (a bit like the analogy of a plane emergency: you need to put your seat belt first before attempting to help others). Write for Your Life Day 23 lesson: Go on, Be A Love Bomb. Non, not Sex Bomb;-p - Love... Appreciate people as individuals, and your love will show. It will enrich your life. And your writing, too, including your characters. Plus, they'll be more enjoyable. After all, when we love someone, we see their best side, non?
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