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When Life Throws You Lemons, Grab The Vodka And Call The Girls - Behind The Scenes Of My Business - Lessons Learnt

Laura Mariani

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When life throws you lemons, grab the vodka and call the girls, so they say. It is that time of the month again for my Behind the Scene blog. Things changed across the whole world in the wake of the pandemic. We all had to pivot to new ways of living and of doing business. As we are in the process of "coming out" of the restrictions and back into "normality", this piece is my reflection on the lessons learnt, changes and achievements. The first thing on my list is surviving the pandemic in the first place—a definite milestone. It has been a hell of a year, and I am super happy that my family and I have managed to keep safe and healthy. This was challenging when having a multicultural and multi-nation family, and travel is impossible and actually forbidden. During the various lockdowns, I did also consider what I would be angry about if I died. I thought deeply about what I want to do with my precious time on this earth. And, most importantly, what I would want to do with the rest of my life. Some of these things will remain safely locked away in my journal together with the emotional rollercoaster experienced during the year.


One big lesson learnt, well actually emphasised as I stopped watching the news some time ago, is definitely to avoid the news like the pest. Although, of course, I want to stay informed, I do not want to bombard my brain with death/panic-galore. OR doom-scrolling. I found peace of mind in walking - not a surprise there as I always really enjoyed it. The pandemic gave me a new, more in-depth appreciation of being out there, alone, in gratitude for life. Appreciating everything that I'm so lucky to be able to experience. I feel much more grateful now for the simple things like being with my family. Actually been able to hug and kiss my mum or my friends (I'm a hugger). I missed going out to the theatre, ballet and classical music performances. I also missed eating out - food for me is a way to bond. And going to museums or travel - oh yes - I missed travelling. As an introvert, I'm generally happy on my own - the pandemic made me miss doing things with other people (shocking).


When the pandemic actually started, I was in the middle of a global change and transformation project with one of my clients. This involved much travel up and down the country. Not much time for anything else. Suddenly though, everything moved online. And so the year went by, working in my home office, pretty much on Teams all day. In the early days, I went through a so-called creative freeze with my writing (bearing in mind that I set up my business to have a portfolio career with multiple interests). Looking back now, I think I managed to have one of my most creative years since setting up my own business. Firstly I rebranded and republished the "STOP IT" book with new metadata. Secondly, I relaunched my new website (feedback welcome). Then I also wrote and published three non-fiction working books for women in business, the "Think, Look & Act The Part" series, the sequel to STOP IT".


Finally, I started my own publishing company ThePeopleAlchemist Press as an imprint of my company. ThePeopleAlchemist Press publishes self-help, inspirational and transformational books, resources and products to help #TheWomanAlchemist in you to change your life/career and transmute any circumstance into gold, a bit like magic to Unlock Ignite Transform. This year, the global digital, scalable business model came of age - Covid19 accelerated digital transformation in almost every sector and the ramification of this will continue for years to come. For me, it has meant looking at my business to be digital-first, become location independent, global and scalable. My main goal is to adopt a long term perspective and focus on creating assets, practices and systems to grow and establish a fully digitalised business. The key questions I have been asking myself:
  • What do I want to change in my life?
  • What do I not want to do or do less of to free up time for other things?
Life is too short to do things that make you miserable (another lesson from the pandemic). I set up my business to give me the freedom to do what I want to do and choose what I create. And I want to be an independent creative. So I'm doubling down and focusing on digital and letting go of things that require that time for money exchange as much as possible. And simplifying and creating content that can be useful to my community, to you. When life throws you lemons, so to speak ... I want some of my old life back, like hugging and travelling, but I also intend to learn from this year and not fall back into some old practices (and business model). What about you? Please share what you have learnt/achieved or any changes you're implementing due to the pandemic. It is good to talk x
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